Went to my work earlier and sold a bunch of movies I had been meaning to get rid of and got store credit with it. These are what I bought with that store credit.

  1. santaclouse said: I love Amadeus, TGTBTU and Rashomon.
  2. sonnygideon said: Looking forward to your thoughts on Amadeus, Angel Heart, Good/Bad/Ugly & Last Tango In Paris
  3. samuel-sugar-and-milk said: I always wanted to see 12, but have never gotten around to it. Do you have a review for it?
  4. uncle-tomfoolery said: YASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS OMG
  5. rein-east said: Really surprised you bought some of these.
  6. jumpeduppantryboyy said: jeeeeeesus!
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